Curating GoDaddy’s brand best practices

Structure brand design language documentation for global use

Senior Brand Art Director
Created with the GoDaddy Brand Team / Brand Strategy / Channel Stakeholders

A library of vital documents that shape brand design decisions across the company


With a new brand came the job of reimagining the systems that support it. This effort required translating our brand tenets, guidelines, and asset examples into digital documents to guide specific internal audiences in the execution of brand creative work. 

To accomplish this, I directly oversaw creation of the most important pieces of our documentation library—the GoDaddy Brand Style Guide, Brand Portfolio Guidelines, GoDaddy Registry Sub-Brand, and Workplace Brand Playbook.


GoDaddy Brand
Style Guide

GoDaddy’s new brand was built on the idea of a smashable design system that leaned heavily into a few core elements: the brand mark, the teal hero color, a new typeface family, new photography guidelines, and a conversational yet compelling voice and tone.

To explain the philosophy behind these brand elements and show how they come together to create harmonious brand experiences, I helped craft the first digital version of the brand style guide. Teams throughout the company use the guide to ensure the brand shows up how we intended.


Brand Portfolio Guidelines

GoDaddy’s complex primary brand/sub-brand structure required us to create a plan for how these myriad pieces fit together while accommodating the needs of three sub-brands, dozens of acquired brands, and 200+ top-level domains.

Working closely with our brand strategy and writing teams, we created a document that clearly explained GoDaddy’s brand structure, including how sub-brands tie to the primary brand and how to integrate acquisitions into the GoDaddy brand ecosystem.


GoDaddy Registry

GoDaddy Registry is the newest of GoDaddy’s sub-brands and the world’s second-largest registry, managing 200+ top-level domains, including .biz and .co.

When GoDaddy acquired Registry, my team had two weeks to integrate this sub-brand with GoDaddy’s brand portfolio while remaining visually distinct from the registrar business. The aesthetic we created embodies the future of top-level domains while retaining primary brand overtones.


Workplace Guidelines Playbook

Because I felt strongly that GoDaddy’s brand should show up inside the company’s walls, I pitched brand leadership and the facilities team on formalizing how we brand our internal spaces. From there the Workplace Guidelines Playbook was born. This playbook covers everything from signage to finishing materials to how we showcase customers across our 19 unique facilities around the world.


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