Creating GoDaddy's B2B image library

Support GoDaddy’s B2B sales team and resellers with an extensive photo and video library for its point-of-sale products, including documentation


Senior Brand Art Director
Created with the GoDaddy Brand Team / GoDaddy Product Team 

Assets used to support a new, multi-million dollar partnership with FIS Worldwide
Partnered with Apple to art direct tap-to-pay iPhone functionality – surpassed first quarter B2B sales target in first month of use


With its acquisition of Poynt, GoDaddy expanded into point-of-sale hardware solutions, the sales of which were driven primarily through worldwide reseller partnerships. To support these resellers, the brand team quickly developed an extensive point-of-sale photo and video library— plus documentation—tailored to this B2B audience and aligned to core brand efforts.

GoDaddy Poynt
photoshoot art direction

GoDaddy’s network of 90+ Poynt resellers needed a library of photo and video assets that let them effectively promote the company’s point-of-sale solutions to a variety of different businesses.

Working closely with my photo and productions teams, I organized and oversaw an intense, week-long photoshoot. The shoot fulfilled the ask of a complex brief that required showcasing the suite of point-of-sale devices in various business settings while avoiding business-specific branding.  

Pre-production involved meticulous planning, including mapping each day’s shoot down to the :30 minute mark and illustrating each photo’s art direction to ensure each asset met the strict criteria.


Teaming up with Apple

After being briefed by our partners at Apple, we added a half-day shoot to capture the iPhone’s tap-to-pay functionality that uses the GoDaddy app. 

After Apple’s rigorous review process to ensure our assets met their own visual standards, our work was not only approved but also requested to be used as a best-of-class example.

Bringing B2B to life

The asset library we delivered contained 200+ photos and videos showcasing all of GoDaddy’s point-of-sale devices across eight different verticals. 

The library and documentation were made available to Poynt’s worldwide partner network through a custom portal, and the assets can be seen today in all vertical markets.


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